Whether you’ve been diagnosed with depression by a licensed mental health practitioner or Dr. Google, chances are you’ve looked in to natural alternatives to anti-depressants. This article discusses the gut-brain connection and how to manage depression with diet.

Can You Really Manage Depression With Food?

Can you manage depression with food

Research has found that the individuals who participate in dance/movement psychotherapy experience a decrease in psychological distress and an increase in the neurochemicals serotonin and dopamine.

The Strong Black Woman, Depression, and Dance/Movement Psychotherapy

Oxford Dictionary defines oppression as “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment” and “mental pressure or distress.”

Slavery, Jim Crow, and modern day institutionalized racism are all systems of oppression that have historically affected black women and continue to affect black women today.

Oppression and Black Women’s Bodies

Approximately one in five women develop depression during their lifetime, and it is estimated that the depression rate among black women is fifty percent higher than that of white women.  

Depression and the Strong Black Woman

depression and the strong black woman

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