waking up in the morning and not feeling depressed? 

It may sound like a pipedream, but you can feel light, content, and energized.

With the help of movement and other somatic practices, you can finally come out from beneath the dark cloud of depression and feel vital and well. 

You can learn to thrive, rather than merely survive. 

Can you Imagine... 

In this  online membership program, you'll learn how to use movement and other somatic practices to decrease feelings of depression + increase your sense of joy, pleasure, and vitality. 

A monthly membership program for Black women living with depression

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Depression is a very strategic coping response. If you're living with depression, it's also the way you've practiced moving through life's challenges. In this program, I'll  help you understand why it happens + how to change it. 

How to re-pattern your nervous system responses so depression is no longer your default. 

How to use movement to improve your mood and increase vitality

Our bodies are powerful tools for healing, and movement has been shown to improve mood after 12 weeks of consistent practice. In this program, you'll have access to weekly movement practices + monthly group movement sessions, so you can move through depression with support and a bit of ease. 

what you'll learn here: 

How to practice healing

Healing is a long game — you know that!

With support you can develop the tools you need to consistently practice moving toward healing and recovery. 

what you get:

Recorded Weekly Movement Practice

Recorded Lessons on the Science of Emotions and Movement

Live Monthly Movement Workshop

These monthly recorded lessons will support you in understanding why you're feeling what you're feeling, why you react the way that you do, and how to create change when/if you're ready.

Each week you'll be gently guided through a recorded movement practice (3-10 minutes) to support in  moving with your depression, rather than fighting it. You'll learn to honor your capacity, while exploring the potential and possibilities that exist in your body.

An opportunity to explore what it means to move with depression (and any other emotion you happen to be feeling) while experiencing regulation. Live sessions are 30 minutes long.