TBFHP Collective
Care Fund

And if you were lucky (or privileged) enough, you were able to get the support you needed.

Unfortunately, there are many black women who don’t have anyone that they call when they need support, especially financial support.

It’s called “Network poverty.”

That means there's no one in their immediate circle that they can reach out to for financial assistance or support in times of need.

At one point or another, you’ve needed support. 

With this in mind, TBFHP Collective Care Fund aims to offer a little hope to 12 black women in 2021.

Requests are open for January 2022. 

Help us out by donating or sharing this initiative. 

Your donation will help to make this possible. 


How This Works:

Requests for support will open in the 15th of every month for the following month. For example, applications for January will be accepted in December. 

On the 30th of each month one request will be honored and $100 will be sent to the honoree electronically, since not everyone has a bank account. 

In addition to an electronic transfer of funds, the recipient will receive a special TBFHP Collective Care Fund card via usps snail mail. The card will include the first names of everyone who made the gift possible. 

With permission, the name and a photo of the recipient will be shared with
The BodyFul Healing Community. 

Requests are open for January 2022.

Deadline: December 15, 2021


Midnight Eastern Standard Time