let's move toward healing together!

Your body is the vessel for all your experiences and those of your lineage. We help you use that wisdom to feel more vital, well, and whole. 

Dance/Movement Psychotherapy

I'm ready!

Sis, we know you're strong and you're really good at making a way when it seems like there isn't one. We also know you're good at surviving because that's often the reality of our lives as Black women. But it's time for healing, rest, nourishing connections, and a softer life. 

it's time you started feeling better

We want you thrive, not just survive.

real talk:

Here's What We Can Help With


Depression is a survival response that deeply impacts the body. That's why dance/movement psychotherapy is such an effective treatment for it! 

racial trauma + other traumas

If you're a person of the global majority, you've experienced trauma. Unfortunately, that's the nature of oppressive systems and structures. We can support you in navigating that as well as intergenerational trauma, and other traumatic circumstances.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders impact folks of all shapes, sizes, and colors, despite what we've been led to believe. We believe in body liberation and are anti-diet culture. We support folks with concerns around food and eating using that framework. 

self identified strong Black women here. 

We're human just like you. 

We've experienced depression, anxiety, and trauma. We know what it's like to struggle. We also know what it's like to practice feeling better each and every day. 

We're trained psychotherapists and use cutting edge therapies to help you change unwanted behaviors and thoughts, regulate your emotions, and move through life challenges with a bit more ease. 

We can help because we've been there! 


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Learn how your past is affecting your body and brain in the present

How does this sound?

Move through the obstacles that are keeping you hopeless, afraid, and stuck (with support).



the results you're going to get:

Approach healing with tangible tools that are backed by science and actually work.


Understand how to manage dysregulation (depression, anxiety, overwhelm, dissociation, etc.), while living within oppressive systems. 


 I also feel less depressed than I did before. After a year, I hardly feel depressed at all and when I do, I know how to manage it.

"The relationships I have with my Bodyful Healing therapists has shown me that not all relationships suck."


It feels simple and easy, but it's the best part of my week because I don't have to talk if I don't want to. I can use my body and art to express my feelings; and my therapist understands me, even when I don't use words. She even dances with me. None of my other therapists did that, lol! 

"I never believed that therapy could work for me, but it did!"


I used to be depressed all the time. In the last 6 months, I've only felt really depressed once and the feeling lasted a few days, not a few months (or years) like it used to. Jennifer taught me about my nervous system and helped me practice the skills I needed to feel better. 

"I went to my "regular" therapist for years and just talked about my problems."


Yes, It Really Works

you're open to moving your body and paying attention to your body as part of your healing

you want to break cycles of "negative" behaviors and thoughts

you're tired of feeling tired

you live with depression, anxiety, trauma, or are struggling with racial identity

you're a woman of the global majority (black, brown, indigenous, etc.)

Is This Right For You?

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Once you schedule a call with one of our therapists, they'll give you a ring via phone to chat. They'll ask you questions like: what are you looking for in a therapist? And what are some of your goals for therapy?  You also get to ask + get answers to any questions you have. 

If it feels like you both vibe, they'll connect you with our clinical director to get a quote for services based on insurance coverage, or a self-pay quote for folks without out of network health insurance benefits. 

If the quote feels financially sustainable. we'll get your first appointment on the calendar. 

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- lashanna

“If you get the chance to work with a Bodyful Healing therapist, you better grab it! ”