you can't always talk your way out depression, anxiety and trauma, but you can move through it! 

Our ancestors danced to express joy, hope, pain, and sorrow. They used movement and dance to communicate, share stories, make connections...they used movement to heal. 

We think it's important that you have the opportunity to do the same. 

Black woman, let's get you the support you deserve!

let's move!

30 Day Movement Challenge

Improve your mood and increase your sense of vitality with daily movement explorations facilitated by dance/movement psychotherapist, Jennifer Sterling. 

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Your body is your greatest resource for healing. In dance/movement psychotherapy, we'll talk, but we'll also use a combination of mindful movement and expressive movement to help you feel more vital, well, and whole. 

moving through Depression

self-paced online courses

 I also feel less depressed than I did before. After a year, I hardly feel depressed at all and when I do, I know how to manage it.

"The relationships I have with my Bodyful Healing therapists has shown me that not all relationships suck."


It feels simple and easy, but it's the best part of my week because I don't have to talk if I don't want to. I can use my body and art to express my feelings; and my therapist understands me, even when I don't use words. She even dances with me. None of my other therapists did that, lol! 

"I never believed that therapy could work for me, but it did!"


I used to be depressed all the time. In the last 6 months, I've only felt really depressed once and the feeling lasted a few days, not a few months (or years) like it used to. Jennifer taught me about my nervous system and helped me practice the skills I needed to feel better. 

"I went to my "regular" therapist for years and just talked about my problems."


Yes, It Really Works